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    Unanswered: Select Statement

    Hi all,

    I need to put a select statement together that would display the list of columns as well as the sum of the values in them. I wrote two seperate select statements that accomplish that but not sure how to combine them.
    Here are the selects that I wrote:

    select sum(length((table2.col1)||') '||upper(table3.col1)||' '||upper(table4.col1)||' '|| upper(table2.col2)||' '||table2.col3))
    FROM table1, table2,table3, table4
    WHERE table1.col4 = table2.col4 and table1.col5 = table2.col5

    SELECT (table2.col1)||') '||upper(table3.col1)||' '||upper(table4.col1)||' '||
    upper(table2.col2)||' '||table2.col3||chr(11)
    FROM table1, table2,table3,table4
    WHERE table1.col4 = table2.col4 and table1.col5 = table2.col5

    Any ideas?

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    When N tables exist in FROM clause, a minimum on N-1 clauses need to exist in WHERE clause to avoid Cartesian Product.
    For the bottom at least 2 more AND clauses are required to avoid Cartesian Product; since TABLE1 & TABLE2 exists twice each.
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