v9.5.5 on win2003: My great & wonderfull script to do INDEX analysis does not work anymore for table-partitioned tables.
At first I got no results at all because sysibm.systables.fid & sysibm.systables.tid cannot be used anymore to fill the tbspaceid & tableid parameters of db2pd.

I figured that out and now sysibm.sysdatapartitions.partitionobjectid & sysibm.sysdatapartitions.tbspaceid give partial results.
Partial: that means I get table/partition info but no index. And that was where I was aiming for. Looking at the column-headers of the output you see "MasterTbs" & "MasterTab" but they are not accepted as input parameters.

Anyone figured out yet how to obtain this usefull index results from a partitioned table?