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    Unanswered: BCP out in order of clustered index from dol table

    In one of my task I need to bcp out the data in order of clustered index from a table which currently contain 100 million rows.

    The problem with the table is its a dol table and as per my dol tables...the clusterd index(CI) later down the line performs like non clusterd index(NCI) if I had to just bcp out the data I wnt be sure that the data I have bcp'ed out is in order of CI

    The option of putting a view is also ruled out as sybase 12.5 does not support view with order by clause

    Can some please advise what cld be the way out of this...

    Thanking in advance for your time

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    drop the clustered index and recreate the clustered index this will order the rows and then bcp the data out...

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    Why would you want to bcp-out in a particular order? A file with 100 million rows isnt really suitable to view with a textedit or anything.
    The most common thing to do is import the bcp-outfile in some other table, and manipulate the data from there.
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