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    Unanswered: The search key was not found in any record

    This error (apparently runtime error #3709) is received when trying to import a table using the following vba command:

    DoCmd.TransferDatabase acImport, "Microsoft Access", "G:\FedBE.mdb", acTable, "Person", "Person"

    The user is running Windows Vista 6.0 with Service Pack 1 and Access 2007.

    Other local users running the same procedure using Access 2003 do not experience the problem.

    I have not been able to detect any corrupt records in the Person table.

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    When apps run fine on one machine and not on another or run fine in one version and not when run under a newer version, the first thing you have to think about are missing references.

    If you haven't looked at this, here are Doug Steele's detailed instructions on how to troubleshoot the problem:

    Access Reference Problems

    I've also seen reports of this exact problem when one or more field names had leading spaces. Removing the leading spaces reportedly resolved the problem.

    As always, having all service packs and hotfixes installed seldom hurts.

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    Hope this helps!

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    All posts/responses based on Access 2003/2007

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    Another option that comes to my mind is Vista with its additional security. This might be a permissions thing. On that machine are you able to open the database on the G: drive? Can you import the Person table using the Access wizard to do the transfer?

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    Re: The search key was not found in any record

    Thanks for your suggestions Missinglinq and DCKunkle. None of the fields in the table have leading spaces in their names, and this is just one table out of many that are being imported -- the rest work fine. I have checked the References and there don't appear to be any missing.

    However, when I tried to import the table "by hand", I got the following error message: "Reserved error -1524 there is no message for this error". Looking in the error log table that was created, the detail said "Could not open this object."

    Any ideas?

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