Hi, I am looking for a piece of code that will allow me to carry out the following query. Sample data is below:

LIN012N 123445464748
LIN013N 01050617
LIN012N 01020304050607
LIN023N 1213141516
LIN034N 121314
LIN044N 1213

This data represents an output file with coupons (CPNTCS & CPNLPL) with their relevant line information attached. Now what I need is a function to allow me to retrieve LIN’s with just 2 selections eor example:
LIN044N 1213
Or LIN’s with 3 selections :
LIN034N 121314 and so on.
The only way I can think to do this is to write a query that says :

If Left(strInLine, 6) = "LIN012N" AND Mid(strInLine, 8) = “IsNumeric”
I am uncertain how to write “isnumeric” talking in general as apposed to having set criteria i.e. 1234 etc.

I am assuming this is fairly simple.