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    Unanswered: SQL Query

    i have two tables with below structure

    1)Requested Product

    product_code product_name

    12 alcor

    13 vinegar

    2)Available stock

    product_code product_name available_qty branch_code batch_no

    12 alcor 19000 br_12 batch1

    13 vinegar 30000 br_12 batch2

    12 alcor 100000 br_13 batch3

    13 vinegar 34000 br_13 batch4

    12 alcor 1000 br_12 batch5

    13 vinegar 0 br_12 batch6

    12 alcor 0 br_13 batch7

    13 vinegar 0 br_13 batch8

    i want to fetch all the branch_code having all the products in the Requested Product table ..

    the number of products in Requested Product table may change dynamically..
    i am passing product code from a single parameter through a stored procedure ....
    how to split the parameter inside SP and create filter condition like

    "select 1,2,3 from stock where product_code='p1' and product_code='p2' and product_code='p3'................."

    no of p1, p2,p3 are may vary.

    its urgent anybody can help me out?

    thanks in advance

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    SELECT branch_code
      FROM stock 
        BY branch_code
    HAVING COUNT(DISTINCT product_code) =
           ( SELECT COUNT(*) 
               FROM products ) | @rudydotca
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