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    Unanswered: Query running slow, new to SQL

    I am querying against a big table on a server. Is there a quicker way to run my logic. Below is the sample, I was thinking the way I am calculating the date is making it slow.

    SELECT Distinct[CUSTNO_HH]

    FROM [OrderSummary].[dbo].[tblHORDHD_ORDHDR]
    where 'MID' IN ([INS1_HL]
    and left(partnum_hl, 3) like 'BMC'
    and [DESCRIPTION001_HL] like '%Accu%'
    and [INV_DT_HH] Between GetDate()-366 and GetDate()

    Any help would be appreciated.

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    do you have an index on any of those column(s) that you have in your where clause? Also, keep in mind you are looking for just over a year of data, how many rows would qualify?
    Dave Nance

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    Thanks for the reply, only one was indexed but I realzied it didn't like the

    and left(partnum_hl, 3) like 'BMC'

    So I changed it to

    where [partnum_hl] like 'BMC%%%%%%%%%%%%'

    Thanks again

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