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    Question Unanswered: How would I design a report like this?

    Hi Everyone,

    I would say I am an amateur with Access and have been able to make my database perform a lot of useful reporting functions, however I can't figure out how to make it do the following.

    I have a table/form that tracks workman compensation claims. Claims that are entered have a division and office attached to each record. I would like to design a report that will display all claim broken down by division and office.

    For example, the report page would need to read the division name, then under that have all the offices that are under that division, and under the office display all claim records.

    Right now I can run a report by division and date range, but it just lists claims for all the offices on multiple pages. Instead I want it to run a report by division but break each office down and display claims underneath the office number.

    I've attached a sample word doc in attempt to illustrate what it is I am trying to do with the report.

    Any instruction on this will be appreciated.

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    dem inalbys

    You should be able to easily accomplish this with the report wizard. Just have the wizard add Division then Office to the groupings and that should give you what you want.

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    I am not sure how to easily format the report that way you want it. I would be pretty impressed if the report wizard could do it. I have attached the Word document with an alternate layout. It can be accomplished with a Main report and a subreport. The subreport would only have claims information and the claims would be in columns (use Page Setup to create columns). If the attached layout works for you I can explain further if necessary.
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    can you upload a sample db (zipped) so that someone could help you..a lot depends on the way you have structured your tables/queries

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