In our current situation we're quering our DB2 UDB 9.7 on Windows 2008 64-bit through .Net webpages using dynamic SQL. So far no problems.

We're now rewriting the dynamic SQL to stored procedures and that's where the trouble started. Running the sp's on DB2 works fine, but when called them from the .Net webpage we don't get an empty resultset.

After some testing we noticed that resultsets with rounden values are getting through. But when the resultset contains values with a delimiter . of , the resultset in .Net is empty.

Furthermore we found that on some of our local development machines the recordsets are allright but on others empty. All machines we tested are idintical and running Windows 7 64 bit.

First thing that comes to mind are the regional and currancy stettings, but those are the same on the db2 and the webserver.

Are we missing somthing???
Can't seem to find anything on this matter.