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    Unanswered: Network error, but only for specific file name

    I have an Access file named qa.mdb on a remote computer that I use from several different computers and using several different automatic processes. Lately, one computer in particular has suddenly been getting a "Disk or network error" when trying to access it.

    The odd thing is that only that one computer has a problem with the file. Every other computer, both local and remote, can access that file without any problem. Also, that one computer has no problem opening any other mdb file, either remotely or locally. The weirdest thing is that if I rename the file (for example, to qa1.mdb) it opens it just fine. But of course I can't just rename it because other processes expect to find qa.mdb there.

    What would cause this one specific computer to get a "Disk or network error" when trying to access this one specific file, but only if it is one specific name?

    EDIT: And how can I fix it?
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    I'm guessing you've compacted/repaired the qa.mdb. Without seeing any of the code in the qa.mdb, it's difficult to say. Is there any code in the qa.mdb that accesses another file? Or does it have linked tables to another mdb or excel or other file which could be problematic? My 'guess' would be that when the qa.mdb opens and it tries to create/access the qa.ldb file, something could be disrupting it. But I once saw a Disk or network error with an mdb that involved not having a default printer on the computer (weird as it sounds). Once I setup/changed the default printer on the computer, that error went away (not sure why but the Disk or Network error had something to do with the printer selected on the computer - my guess is that MSAccess needed to find a specific printer for some reason when opening that mdb and the default printer on the computer was set to adobe acrobat).

    Otherwise I would try creating a new mdb, copy all the objects from the qa.mdb to the new mdb (make sure to debug/compile the code), then copy qa.mdb to a safe backup location and rename the new mdb to qa.mdb.
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