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    Unanswered: access 2010 to 2003 problems

    Hi all

    Have a database I am creating which has been built in office 2010 but in 2000-2003 format.

    on 2010 it work fine and been as it saved as a 2003 format presumed it would work fine but it has bugs everywhere

    on my main menu in 2010 all buttons work fine but in 2003 i get some warning about expressions

    I have attached the file it might be my luck it has something to do with both versions on same machine i just dont know but it really bugging me.
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    1. Open the form Main Menu in design view then open its module.
    2. In the Tools menu choose References.
    3. In the Reference window, uncheck the reference that is marked "Missing" (Microsoft Office 14 Access Database engine Object Library).
    4. Create a reference to the proper Access 12. Library (it seems to work with "Mocrosoft DAO 3.6 Object Library" but I did not perform intensive tests.
    Have a nice day!

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    access 2010 to 2003 problems

    no change this side still getting same problem and in module it never said missing but changed all the same but no affect

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    i get some warning about expressions
    could you specify what are the warnings you get...

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