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    Unanswered: Q regarding Access capabilities (Newb)

    My dad asked if I could help him build a database to store inventory of parts for his small business. Here's a brief description of how they work:

    They receive parts from a company (complete with barcode) and builid large devices using them. There are numerous different kinds of devices so in total there may be about 10,000 parts. They've had issues regarding lost parts so they'd like to keep an inventory of every part that is shipped in and then every part that is used to build a device. They would like to scan in the parts using a barcode scanner when we receive them and update the quantity in the inventory database. Each time they use a part, they could then scan it again to remove it from the database.

    Before I set out on figuring out how to build something like this, it might be good to know if it's practical to do it. Could this all be done entirely with Access including integration with a barcode scanner (model is Symbol LS2208 if it helps)? Would something else besides Access be a better choice?

    Any help would be greatly appreciated. Thanks!

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    All of your requirements, as stated, can be handled using Access, including the use of a bar code scanner.

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    Hope this helps!

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