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    Help with database design

    Hi,I'm struggling with normalizing a database I've created. I'm basically attempting to create an asset management database for my computer center. I've attached a screenshot of what I have so far. I'm trying to depict several things.

    Category - Server, Network, Storage SAN, Storage Other, Misc
    Suppliers - HP, Dell, Cisco, Etc.
    Assets - These are the actual assets, and here's where I'm having trouble.

    I need to add specifications to the assets like, is it physical or virtual, what row and rack is it in, what is the buisness impact, you can see all of this in the screenshot.Anyway, if someone would be so kind as to assist, maybe point me in the direction of some good resources, make some suggestions. I've been to HostMySite Database Answers and look at all of the data models, it's a great site.Thanks
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    I would be tempted to try another tack. By simply recording the information implies that the item is an asset. I would start with the creating information of the product for your your datacenter, who supplied it and where it is. There maybe numerous units for each product so you could create header information and in the detail the actual serial number and location.

    Business impact does not seem to do much and not all the equipment will be allocated to a staff memeber although a staff member will have authorised the purchase. some of the equipment will be interchangeable and are you going to monitor that as well. Departments I can understand but individual employees might be making a rod for your back.

    First time around it does need to be all singing and all dancing, more the fundamentals i.e you can leave employee in but not fully implement it until the rest of the system is in place.

    Then think about bringing it all together.


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