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Thread: Delete trigger.

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    Smile Unanswered: Delete trigger.

    Hi guys,
    I have a doubt. I want to write on delete trigger and as i am new to database i am having some difficulty in writing it.

    I have two tables. employee_details and look_up_employee. i have data in employee_details and look_up_employee contains same structure and same data as there are in employee_details.

    If i remove any data from employee_details, then data from look_up_employee should also get deleted. I want ti write trigger for it. Can anyone write trigger for me []


    employee_name employee_dept employee_id(p.k)
    ---------------- ----------------- --------------------

    ramesh java abc-001
    rajesh testing egf-002
    hari database xyz-003
    ravi marketing uvw-004

    example- if i delete ravi's details from employee_details then same details which are in look_up_employee table, should also get deleted.


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    Smile thanks guys for viewing , its working nw :)

    Finally its working. lol, it's simple and i took couple of days for it. Here is the trigger:-

    create TRIGGER trgAfterDelete ON migration
    declare @id nvarchar(50);
    declare @name nvarchar(100);
    declare @dept nvarchar(50);

    select @id=d.ID ,@name=d.[name], @dept=d.dept from deleted d;

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    Do not write your trigger this way. It will not support multi-record transactions, and you could end up corrupting your data.

    delete from look_up_employee
    inner join deleted on =
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