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    Unanswered: Not enough core

    I have a java tool which is executing insert statement in batch, but after some 250000 records it says that could not insert new rows. Not enough core.

    When I have less records say (1000) it insert the records.

    can anybody help what is this core and how to clear it. Is it java side error or the informix error.

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    It might be an expected behaviour from informix in the case you are hitting a long transaction. This happens when the number of opérations within a single transaction exeeds the configured size of the logical log. Your application should receive a -458 Error, and in the engine log file you should see something like "Aborting Long Transaction: tx 0xHHHHHHHH username: user_name"
    In this case, the solution is to add logical logs to the engine until the transaction succeeds.

    If you don't have this error, this is probably a java side error, and I can't do anything for you :-(

    Hope this helps

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