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    Unanswered: Impact of Revoking SYSADM

    Hi all,
    I have DB2 ZOS v9 installed. We need to revoke SYSADM from couple of IDS. So before revoking, we want to create an IMPACT report. Can you please let me know what all authorities will be revoked? also, will any views or any database objects be dropped?

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    No database-objects and no views ( and no triggers .... ) will be dropped because of the REVOKE SYSADM. But all GRANTs that user did will be revoked, too ( and that might lead to other grants being revoked )

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    don't forget plans/packages. Also, take a look at making the id an installation sysadm prior to revoke as the cascade revoke will not occur. Carefully read the manual regarding cascading revokes and stick to your plan, as you could end up with a big mess of noone being able to work properly.
    Dave Nance

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