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    Unanswered: How to query .DAT filedata through SQL server

    I am an automation enginer.. We need to give reports to clients based on the alarm events and data list for the day. Previously we were using some standard softwares given by the company . Now some clients have become economical so they are unable bare those software cost .

    So we planned to give sql reports. all our data is stored in .DAT file which is updated every 3sec.

    Pls tell me how to handke this data

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    I'm not too sure I'd attempt this with SQL. I'd probably use VB or some other presentation tool - programming language. But not that it can't be done in SQL. Import (BCP) into a temp table so you can manipulate the data, and use SSRS for the reporting. Other solutions? Import using BI objects (SSIS) and manipulate data. There are several methods to import the data and extract reportings.

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