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    Unanswered: time field does not work

    i've got a form that i placed a field called "timer" and set its default value to

    when i enter the form the field shows the time that i entered the form and it stops there.

    anybody knows why the time doesn't change?

    thanks in advance

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    Unless you are using the Form_Timer() event to refresh the field, it's going to be a static field. So it'll show the "Now" of when that field was populated. I would also avoid naming the field "timer" as I'm not sure it'll play nice with the Timer events.

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    Here's what Sam is talking about:

    You'll need a textbox called txtOmega and you'll maybe want to add some cosmetics to it, like a frame around it.

    Go to your form's Properties and under the Event Tab find Timer Interval and enter 1000.

      Private Sub Form_Open(Cancel As Integer)
      'Displays while waiting for timer to crank up    
         Me.txtOmega = Now() 
      End Sub
      Private Sub Form_Timer()
         Me.txtOmega = Now() 'Display time
     End Sub
    Linq ;0)>
    Hope this helps!

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