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    Unhappy Unanswered: cannot open control center

    hello sir,i downloaded ibm db2 server from ibm,i installed it but i did`nt get option for control center and i dont know how to do i executed db2cc command but it is saying there is no such command..
    my o.s in windows xp and i can start db2 using startdb2 command but i need control center,how to do that or please help me if there is any substitute for control center thank u!

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    Do you see Control Center when you go to Start -> IBM DB2 -> DB2COPY -> Admin Tools?

    I think Data Studio is used instead of Control Center in v9.7:
    IBM DB2 9.7 for Linux, UNIX and Windows Information Center

    Or you can use DB2 Command Window instead of GUI tools

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    thank u sir for your reply,
    i did not find control center Start -> IBM DB2 -> DB2COPY ->
    i can only see command line tools,information and setup tools!
    i dont know why??

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