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    Unanswered: Subreport in header not displaying

    Happy New Year, all!

    I'm trying to put together a report of attendance records for HR. Because each site needs to start on its own page, I set the site header's "Force New Page" property to "Before". This indeed splits up each site's data from all the others, but has the side effect of giving me a blank title page for the report.

    In order to make use of this, I thought that a management summary of each site's records would look good there, so I built another report to show this, and tried using that as a subreport in the report header section. Frustratingly, the subreport is not displayed in the report! I've checked some other nested reports, and in those when you open them in design mode, you can also see the subreport in design mode. With this one, it's just a big empty control.

    I've seen some other forum posts about problems with subreports, and accordingly I've taken out all of the group/page/report headers and footers from my subreport. This is not helping.

    Has anyone encountered anything like this before? In case it's relevant, the subreport's source query is based on the report's source query.


    I tried one of the standard Microsoft approaches (deleting the subreport and creating it from scratch), and it works!
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