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    Unanswered: Converting MYSQL++ Queries to POSTGRES using C++

    We are working on an application (for different clients) that interacts with mysql++ database which means that the client must also have the same database i-e mysql++. My boss wants me to program the application such that it is able to interact with any database i-e postgres, oracle etc etc but for the moment he wants me to write kind of an interface class that would convert the mysql++ queries to postgres queries for interaction with a postgres database (running on client side).

    The program currently uses simple queries like:

    query << "delete from " << MN << "import";

    query << "load data local infile '" << impFile << "' into table " << MN << "import fields terminated by ','";

    query << "select count(distinct SLIP), count(distinct SLP_ID) from " << MN << "import";

    i be thankful to you if anybody finds me a solution

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    if you are using C++ then you may need to push the database interaction into separate ineritied classes

    failing that you could consider using only ANSI SQL and hope you don't need to use any of the features of ANSI SQL not yet implemented in the db product.
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    If you could help me regarding this , that how to write down th edrivers for the Postgres in C++ application..?

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