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    Unanswered: User Restricted Query

    I have a database that I am going to place user-level security. The reports that are going to be available need to be restricted to the user that is logged in and running the report. For example, there is a table that lists the managers and the employees that report directly to these managers. I need the criteria of the query that the report is based on to look at the user information used to log into the database, and use this user information to only pull the direct reports for that manager into the report. Can anyone help with this?

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    Perhaps you need to clarify your task to generate some discussion.

    Is it as simple as the following? Manager Bob, whose logon id is Bob111 has 3 direct reports assigned to him whose logon ids are Mary112, Peter113 and Mike114.
    Do you want to allow Bob, Mary, Peter and Mike to see a list of names that include Bob and identifies employees who report to Bob?

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