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    Unanswered: DB is read-only, Can't enter data now

    I apologize in advance for posting this. I have read many, many articles related to this issue but most of them appear to remain unresolved, so I'm trying to supply the details...

    I was called in to make some forms, tables, report changes in an Access system. A problem popped up today prohibiting users from entering data due to the error. I have been working for hours on this, here is the error message:

    Error Message when opening mdb (or mdw):
    “(title bar) Microsoft Access
    The database ‘<db name>’ is read-only.
    You won’t be able to save changes made to data or object definitions in this database.

    Server (Remote): Microsoft Windows Server 2003 R2, Std Edition, SP2
    My local desktop: MS Windows XP (Media Center Edition) Version 2002 SP 3
    Connection to server via: MS Remote Desktop Connection (RDC)

    • Approx 10 different users (from different offices) access the mdb’s (3= 1 BE, 2 FE) via RDC. All of the data for each user (location) is housed in 1 BE data.mdb.
    • Remote users only connected for brief periods. Seldom are more than one user on at the same time.
    • When a user logs on, he/she is taken directly into the DataEntry.mdb FE DB where he/she sees only the data for their location.
    • When a remote user logs in, they are assigned to the same workgroup file (.mdw)
    • When the user is finished in Access and exits the FE, the RDC is automatically disconnected. Therefore, remote users are limited to using ONLY the Data Entry FE (not the 2nd Reports FE).
    • There is a license for 10 concurrent users of Access on the server.
    • I have worked for a couple of weeks without any problems, let alone this issue.
    • In the last couple of days I have been in and out of the server via RDC and the mdb’s using various combinations of server logon and mdb logon.
    • Yesterday, I did a little work in the system.mdw workgroup file.
    • If I log in to the server under “<MyUserID>”, everything works fine, including entering any mdb’s under my own name/pwd OR using any of the other username/pwds INCLUDING “admin”.
    • If the server is logged into (RDC) with any other username/pwd (inc “admin”!) than “<MyUserID>”, the error as shown occurs.
    • The same problem occurs when trying to open ANY mdb on the server, not just the “important” (3= 1 BE, 2 FE) ones. There are many mdbs on the server in various directories (inc testing, backup, archived folders)
    • The attributes for each mdb file (in Properties) does NOT have “Read Only” checked.
    • Under the .mdb file properties, the read only option is not checked.

    I’ll continue to attack this. Please reply if there is anything more I can check or provide for troubleshooting. I’m baffled, but optimistic.

    Thanks to all who consider this problem.


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    check the settigns on the server copy of Access, My guess is its going to be setup as "open exclusive"
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