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    Unanswered: Calculating a due date

    Much like all of my inquiries here, I'm sure the answer is pretty easy....I have two date fields

    1) Date of Last Calibration

    The field inbetween them is Calibration Needed in X amount of months

    I want the third field to automatically calculate the future due date based on the previos field.


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    FutureDate = DateAdd("m", x, [DateOfLastCalibration])

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    The future calibration date is derived data, so in an ideal world don't store it, unless you have to for performance or some other reason.

    There is a good reason not to, which is if someone decides to change calibratioin intervals (say a specific piece of equipment is regraded to require a more frequent calibration then storing the date makes it harder.

    the date add function can add days, months, years and so on.... well worth a look in the help system
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