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    Unanswered: A function for an entire column, help plz


    I have a spreadsheet with 7 catagories (in 7 columns).
    I want to make a function so that everytime someone enters a value
    in Column "A" row x, the current date is put in Column "G" row x.

    So for example in row 2 right now I have for cell G2, fx=IF(A2<>"",TODAY(),"")
    I can't keep typing that for A3, A4, A5.... in G3, G4, G5 ...... obviously.

    Is there an easy way to do this ?

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    That formula won't work because it will continuously update the date once a value has been entered. The only way to do this in Excel is to use some VBA: a worksheet change event handler.

    Hope that helps...

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