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    Unanswered: How to get rid of tail 'InnoDB free: 8192 kB' in table comment?

    When I create table it's comment is set to "InnoDB free: 8192 kB".
    If I define comment that text is appended to what I defined.
    Can I get rid of it ?

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    with what tool are you looking at the comment information? I have seen something similar in the past but the issue was related to the GUI tool that was being used rather than the data in the table itself.

    Check out this link
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    Here is a sequence of queries I've made.
    My tool just uses jdbc.
    But to make sure I made the last query by Java code.

    create database myschema;
    create table myschema.mytable (id int);
    alter table myschema.mytable comment = 'qwe';
    select TABLE_COMMENT from information_schema.TABLES
    where TABLES.TABLE_SCHEMA = 'myschema' and TABLES.TABLE_NAME = 'mytable';
    The result is
    qwe; InnoDB free: 8192 kB

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