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    Unanswered: How to solve the NULL value problem?

    I have the following SQL:

    SELECT r.*, cp.CP_nummer,
    (cp.CP_roepnaam + ' ' + cp.CP_tussenvoegsel + ' ' + cp.CP_achternaam) AS NAME
    FROM Relatie r LEFT OUTER JOIN Contact_persoon cp
    ON r.Relatienr = cp.Relatienr AND r.Rel_subnr = cp.Rel_subnr
    WHERE r.Relatienr = '3'

    Now it is possible that there is no CP_tussenvoegsel, it has the value NULL in the database.
    The problem is that when CP_tussenvoegsel has the value NULL in the database the NAME is empty.
    How can I ensure that the Name is being formulated with an empty value at CP_tussenvoegsel ?

    Thanks. I use MSQL2008.

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    Problem solved:


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