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    ER model aggregation problem

    Hello all!
    This is my first message here, I hope i will get lucky
    There is a ER model on a posted picture, and i have a problem with the last aggregation PrijavaPolaganja. Sorry for foreign language, but I have drawn this in Visio and lost the document
    Kurs=Course; Profil=Profile; Program=Program ; Nastavnik=Teacher; Polaznik=Student; Angazovanje=CourseListForTeacher; IzborKurseva=CourseListForStudent;
    PrijavaPolaganja is when student wants to pass the exam on particular Course that is on his lsit, and being tested by a Teacher that is on that Course.
    In Program we have CourseID and ProfileID as key, and those "fields" are part of keys of two underlying aggregations (TeacherID,CourseID,ProfileID & StudentID,CourseID,ProfileID).
    Is there any way that I can make the last aggregation possible to reflect those real life constraints? Student can pick a Course from his list and get tested by a Teacher that is on that Course in that particular Profile?
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