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    Post Unanswered: licences on pervasive 10v

    our pervasive version 10 is using more than one licence for every client.
    We are on Btrieve inter face and using it with sigcap

    We are able to know this since the allocated number of licences is getting exhausted when we install V10 but with V9.5 the licences are sufficient.

    when we close like 2 clients we realise that 4-5 licences have been released.

    Please assist us.

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    What kind of application is sigcap (DOS, WIndows)?
    What interface does it uses (Btrieve/ODBC/JDBC/etc)?
    Just to confirm, if you open the application on one client, open the Pervasive monitor and look at "Resource Usage" under MicroKernel, do you see the the current licenses in use as 2?
    What version of PSQL v10 are you using? There was an issue early in v10 where an ADO.NET application took multiple licenses but that was fixed. Make sure you're using the latest patch level (10.31 update 10 as of this writing).
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    good post, thanks for post, +1))))

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