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    Question Unanswered: Help Required Tranfering data from a Form to a Table

    Hi I need some help and guidance

    Project in Access 2003

    Hello, hopefully this will come across clear; I have attached an example database of what I am trying to do.

    I have users who have identical database on their respective laptops to produce customer MI reports, from where ever they are either at head office or out at a customer site, periodically I have to carry out updates or create new queries etc.., to save me going round each user, when their in the office, I have set up a central point on the network where upon my request they open the “Update deployment database” (attached), run the “Deploy Updates” button, and any changes I have made are sent to their locally stored Db, which is great in theory and works fine

    Here is my issue, I have introduced a dropdown on the “Deployment Form” so that the user selects their name, then deploys the updates, attached to the deployment macro is an update query “Update Log Query” which is suppose to take the information from the “Deployment Form”, and append it into the “UpdateLog_Tbl”, so that I have a record of when the end users actually applied the updates or not!

    The “Update Log Query” runs from within the macro but no data is appended, what am I doing wrong

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