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    I'm taking on a decent sized project in an application that I have no previous experience with (Access). Wish me luck.. I went out and bought a huge book on Access 2010 and have plenty of time before I need to complete this.

    Essentially, I'm creating a RMA (Return Merchandise Authorization) database to handle service returns sent to our company. The tricky part - we would like for a few select customers to be able to access the database, but only be able to view their returns.

    While I'm not looking for specifics, any ideas on how I can give a customer access to the database through a login, and show only information relevant to them?

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    I would never do that. Access is not secured enough to allow external people (customers in your case) to have access to the database. You can generate HTML pages (for instance, other solutions exist) and publish them on a web site or you can use tools such as Sharepoint, but allowing foreing people to interact directly with Access is looking for troubles in my opinion.
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    Thanks for the reply. In the book I bought it talks about splitting a database into a front-end and a back-end, and linking the two (the front-end containing reports, queries, etc., while the back-end contains the data) It also mentions saving the file (the front-end) as a .ACCDE instead of an .ACCDB. If both of these precautions were taken, do you think this would be acceptable in terms of security?

    Fortunately the information in the database isn't very sensitive, and only a very few select trusted customers would need this type of access. However, a certain level of security is always nice to have.

    If this still seems very insecure, is it easy enough to query data from an access database to a webpage?

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    Yes, displaying read-only data with some basic user security is fairly straight forward.
    oh yeah... documentation... I have heard of that.

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