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    Unanswered: A newbie query query

    First post so be gentle…

    I have a pretty basic dbase in Access that facilitates linking of various selections from one table with the names in another. I am having trouble formatting my query to enable me to merge it with Word in a form letter.

    I have three main tables, main, names, selections. Using a form and sub-form, a user can select one name and associate this with a number of selections from the second table (selections_tbl) and these are stored in the Main_tbl. I use a select query to pull names and the selections they have made. The query has one line for each name with the selection, such that there the same name appears multiple times with each different selection.
    Smith - Bread
    Smith - Cereal
    Smith - Milk
    Jones – Bread
    James – Milk

    What I would like to output is:
    Smith - Bread, Cereal, Milk
    Jones – Bread
    James – Milk

    Any ideas how I can achieve this?

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