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    Unanswered: Newbie: To build a database

    Hi all
    I do not know VBA in depth but enough to build a database for our own business. I've been reading a lot of tutorials lately because I want to redo the database but not sure which route to take:

    1. Build the forms and controls in DesignView visually and build the code as needed.
    2. Build every controls, forms programmatically, from ground up.

    Here are a few of what I need to have in my database:
    1. Whenever the form is open it needs to be maximized and all controls need to be centered of the form.
    2. Some forms need to calculate taxes and total up depends on customer's location. This need to be update because provincial and federal taxes are changing from time to time.
    3. Need to produce statements at the end of the month and send them by emails to clients. I have no idea how to do this.

    Please advice!! Thanks.

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    You want to create a database, but you don't know how.
    First you have to create the tables. For this you have to know
    additionally plenty of other things.
    After that you can create the forms, VBA, and s.o.
    If you don't know this, it wold be better don't to try.

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    Redo vs Do

    Quote Originally Posted by RoseDT View Post
    I want to redo the database
    I think he has his tables done (and being used). The way I read it he wanted to redo his forms...maybe I am wrong.

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    to a certain extent it depends on what you need and what you are capable of doing
    if its a small ish business (say upto 5 users) then as a design paradigm plain vanilla Access may be good enough for your needs

    if you wanrt an industrial strength application using Access then you will prohbably be employign someone to write it for you, it would use a server back end an unbound controls woth lots of vba running in background to do stuff.

    if you don't have the time, the money, the skillset and don't need the multi user server back end then stick with the default Access and make use of its form designer.

    however bear in mind if you are exepecting this to calcualte taxes and you intend to use this app for fiscal reporting there is another degree of complexity. I think you need to ask yourself if your time is best spent on developing the business or developing software. I don't want to piss on your parade but you need to consider what is important to your business. It may be a better spend of your time getting a cheap and cheerfull accountancy package and hand over the problems of tax compliance to their software
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    Thank you all for replying

    There is only one person using this database, me. I started out without the knowledge of VBA and add more functions and subs as I go on. So needless to say my codes are very messy and broken. I want to streamline them now. The person who makes the money is my husband I'm taking care of all the paperworks. I have enough time on my hands and the will to learn and re-build this database. I had computer programming knowledge decade ago (C++).

    In my database, I know I need to be able to calculate taxes depends on the date in the past and for sure in the future the government will change them again. I need to calculate the taxes of the expenses depends on where we bought those. I need to sum up and produce the sale tax that need to be sent in to the government. Therefore I know I have to use VB here (I coded them but they need a serious clean up).

    As for the appearance of all forms I need to set all the controls to certain locations (per my husband's request) ==> VB again (coded but again need to make a function and then call it instead of repeating the process in each form).

    It looks like I have to a lot of coding then why not do everything programmatically, but when it comes to relationship between tables I think it's so much easier to drag and drop. An then there is the sub form, which I do not know how to do it in VB. All I did was drag and drop and set the criteria, I think - I did this database years ago.

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