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    Question Unanswered: Load Balancing, High Availability and Fail-Over with Postgres


    I'm planning an installation with 4 servers included.

    The example structure is:

    # Load Balancer 1:, IP:
    # Load Balancer 2:, IP:
    # Web Server 1:, IP:
    # Web Server 2:, IP:

    I've set this up on Debian Lenny and I will be using postgres 8.1

    How can I achieve database synchronization in such structure?

    There is a single application I will be running written in PHP. How should I set up postgres in such a structure so that I can achieve High Availability and fail-over? I really prefer an active-active setup.

    Could you please share your experiences?


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    With such an ancient and unsupported version you won't get very far. You should as soon as possible upgrade to a supported and current version (8.4 or 9.0).

    But for an active-active setup you need some 3rd party tools like Slony, pgBouncer or Syktools.

    Here is an overview of the possible solutions:
    Replication, Clustering, and Connection Pooling - PostgreSQL Wiki

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