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    Unanswered: "Archiving" Records

    I have an Access 2007 database I use at home for keeping track of bill payments. I am not using a separate front end and backend. Is there a way to save some of the prior year records somewhere outside of the database with the ability to refer to them if necessary?


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    why noit keep them in the current database?
    either as a separate table within the db
    or better yet within the current schema but work out a dersign which allow you to lock / unlock rows as required.

    it could be a boolean column called, say 'locked'... who says IT people aren't inventive?

    it could be in your queries so that they only pull up sepcific data as per your scheman desiogn based on dates
    you may need a financial calendar to work out which rows belong to which year
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    I'd have to agree with healdem. There's absolutely no reason to archive records in this kind of an app outside of your database, Access is capable of easily handling/storing tens of thousands of record. Determine which records to display thru queries. You could switch Record Sources based on dates and a checkbox in a form header, or pull up a given year's records using a combobox.

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    Hope this helps!

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    "Archiving" Records

    The reason I asked about archiving is that I attach bill receipt copies to the bill payment record. This is a copy (.pdf), not a link. The disadvantage to doing this (I didn't know this when I set up the database) is that it takes up extra memory space in the database (much more than a link). I am concerned that the size of the database in memory will eventually exceed the Access limit.

    By the way, I do have my records categorized and filtered by year.

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