I have been reading the DB2 book but have come to a problem, and I hope that members of this forum will help me:

Q: I want to creat a database;
1) “FMS“
it contains the following Tables:

Employee Table
EmployeeID, FirstName, LastName, HireDate, Address, Salary, AllowedHoalidays, AreaAssigned, FarmingType, WorkId.

Farm table
FarmId, FarmSize, FarmOwnerName, FarmOwnerAddress, FarmLocation, FarmType, MaxYieldYear, DurationBMaxYield, WaterStopageDate, WaterStartDate, WaterDayTime.

Leased Farms Table
LeasedId, FarmId, LeasedOnwer, LeasingAmount, LeaseStartDate, LeaseEndDate, NoPloughedOfFarm, PlougherId, MachineManagementId, FertilizierAddingDate, AddedFertilizerAmount, FertilizerId, No.PoisinSprayed, SprayedPoisinId, PoisinSprayedDate, AgreementType, AgreementPic,

Shippment table
ShippmentId, ProductCategoryId, ShippmentDate, ShippmentVehicle#, ShippmentTypeId, LeasedFarmId, EmployeeId.

Shippment Type Table
ShippmentTypeId, ShippmentType, Quantity.

Commission Agent Table
CommissionAgentId, FirstName, LastName, H&ShopAddress, PhoneNo., Commission.

Work Table
WorkId, EmployeeId, WorkTittle.

Sales Table
Sales#, CommissionAgentId, SellAmount, Expenses, NetAmount, SaleDate, AmountTaken, ShippmentId.

Product or Crop Categories Table
CropCategoryId, Categoryname, Description, Picture.

Farm Disease Table
DiseaseId, DiseaseName, DiseaseCause, Pic, Treatment, PoisinId.

Part Table
Partid, PartName, PartUsedIn (MachineId).

Fertilizer Table
FertilizerID, FertilizerName, ContentsInFertilizer, RecommendedAmountPerAcre.

Grass table
GrassID, GrassName, RecommendedGrassicide, AmountPerAcre, PoisinID.

Poisin table
PoisinID, PoisinName, PoisinType, RecommendedFor, RecommendedAmount.

Machine Management Table
MachineManagementID, FuelConsumed,MachineID, AreaPloughed, HoursWorked, PloughDate, FarmedWorkedID(FarmID).

Machine info table
MachineID, OwnerName, MachineType.

Seasonal crop table
SeasonCropID, CropName, RecommdedCultivatingStartDate, RecommendedCultivatingendDate, RecommendedHarvestingDate, RecommendedFarmID(FarmID).

Land formation table
LandFormedID, LandCondition, RecommendedPloughTypes, RecommendedPlough#.

Farm cost table
FarmCostID, MaterialID, Amount, Cost, FarmID(LeasedFarmID).

Employee transaction record table
TransactionID, Date, AmountTaken, AbsentDate, EmployeeID

material record table
MaterialID, PoisinID, FertilizierID, PartID, FuelSupplierID, BoughtAmount, Date, Cost, Mislenuous.

Machine maintaince table
MaintainceID, MachineType, MaintainceDate, MaintainceCost, MachineID, PlougherID

Plougher table
PlougherID, PlougherName, UsedFor.

Fuel supplier table
FeulSupplierID, FuelSupplierName, Location, Phone#.

Bank loan table
BankLoanID, BankID, BranchID, GrantedLoan, GrantDate, InterestRate, LoanGrantedFarmID(LeasedFarmID), LoanSubmissionDate, GrantedLoanType.

Bank table
BankID, BankName.

Bank Branch table
BranchID, BankID, Location, Account#.

Here ________ Represents Primary Key & _ _ _ _ _ Represents Foreign Key.

I have converted it in 3N form. I want to know that Is there any Anamlies (update, delete etc). Is there any need to convert it in 4N and 5N, if yes then please Help me.



Mansoor Nizamani