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    Unanswered: connection between Informix & MySql


    I need to make a connection between Informix v.10.00
    ( I know I need to rev up) and Mysql.

    The databases reside on separate Linux servers.
    (An Informix/Aix server will also be in the mix down the road)

    I already have the Mysql ODBC driver on the Informix server
    and the Informix ODBC driver on the Mysql server.

    -Can I use Informix’s dbaccess or 4gl to access Mysql via the ODBC drivers?
    -Is Enterprise Gateway Manager a viable option?
    -Any other best practice/solutions would be appreciated.


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    1) dbaccess cannot use ODBC, so you can't connect to any non informix database with it.
    2) Not sure there is a Mysql ready edition for Enterprise gateway
    3) depending on what you have to do on the application side:
    a) if no human interface is involved, perl with the packages DBI packages for Informix and MySql is probably the best solution
    b) if a human interface is involved, use Querix Lycia, which compiles x4GL language, but runs on informix, oracle, sqlserver, mysql and postgresql. I think genero does this too, but it is more expensive.

    Hope this helps

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    Great overview this is very helpful.

    BTW I did try Enterprise Gateway manager with MySQL without success. Informix support gave it a try as well…But I still plan to experiment with it little more when I get the time.

    Again thanks for you input!

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