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    Unanswered: Access 2010: Newbie trying to link pictures to report

    Hello! I'm new here (and new to Access) so go easy on me?

    I've been assigned to handle a project relating to historic buildings in the area. Each building has several fields worth of text data (address, owner name, year built, etc.) as well as a picture of the building. Ideally, I'd like to end up with a printable report that displays the data for each building along with its picture.

    Originally, I was working in Access 2007 and I just included all the pictures in an attachment field, because that seemed like the simplest solution. However, around the time that we moved to Office 2010, the project was expanded and I now have several hundred buildings to work with. The pictures are large files and much too unwieldy to use as attachments in large numbers. All of the pictures are in a folder with the database, and I'd like to be able to just hyperlink to that folder and have the pictures appear in the report. But when I use Access' image control, it displays the same image with each record. I changed the control source to the appropriate field containing the link to the picture - I tried both a hyperlink field and a regular text field. Neither worked, it still displayed the same image for each record.

    I have tried DBPix, but I would strongly prefer not to have to pay for a license, and as this is a database that will be shared with a client, needing DBPix installed on every computer that uses the database is not optimal. Likewise, I have had OLEs suggested to me, but I have only heard bad things about using OLEs so I am hesitant.

    Any help or advice would be wonderful, thanks!

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    You need to link regular image control (not OLE) to the field, that contains the correct path to the picture file. Ideally, it should be full path (like C:\Mypix\house.jpg). You can create query, that adds the path and extension to the picture name.

    I am one of the developers of AccessImagine (AccessImagine - image processing for MS Access and SQL Servers). While you do not want to install component on every computer, you will potentially avoid a lot of hard coding and make your project much more user friendly with AccessImagine.

    You don't need to buy it strictly, it works fine in shareware mode and there is no any time limitation.

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