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    Unhappy Unanswered: how cani improve the scope of this project?

    i am working on a project tht is basically an application (desktop), that helps users to save the flies inside the database(indivisiual) that not storing by conventional way into the hard disk it stores the flies inside the database.
    video,audio,presentations, pdf, and text flies. so that backup is easy and ease of transferring the database from one location to the other.

    and by this application users will manage the timetable and schedule of the week.

    but this application has a limited scope. that i am taking it as my final year project. i want to add it a bit more functionality. but i m not getting what to add and how to increase the scope to make it a bigger project than this.

    my idea is to implement it as a web application as well as desktop.
    i am sending my proposal as well with this thread.

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    Zambeel Base

    Project Description:
    ZAMBEEL BASE is an Information System for the community of Teaching, Learning and Schooling. This application will allow to manage the learning material, including Text files, Presentations, PDFs, Video files to meet their teaching, Learning and schooling requirements.
    The learning material can be uploaded and downloaded in an arranged design. This information system will allow users to view, edit, and create his /her schedule of whole semester and generates alerts on daily basis. The activities in the schedules can add, modify and delete according to the requirements of the user.
    ZAMBEEL BASE will store all the files in the database so we just need to manage one database file in well defined fashion for the users rather to deal will hundreds or thousands different files. This will also help in copying entire data from one system to other system in the same fashion as it actually exists rather than copying files by files.
    User can easily take backup of entire materials in for of one file and can restore the entire material at once.

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