We are looking for people who will beta test the new version of scimoredb distributed database. Especially, who has a real case to process lots of data and quickly. We hope someone will end up using it.

In short it is:
1. for OLTP.
1. Runs on Windows. Clients connect using .NET provider.
2. Engine features ACID, dynamic 2PC, group commit, mvcc, row/table-level locks, TEXT field compression,...
4. Descent compatibility with T-SQL.
5. Clustered. Shared nothing. Handles 100's of nodes.
6. All nodes in the cluster active.
7. Cluster is elastic: add/remove nodes while processing transactions.
8. Fault tolerant.
9. License. Free while beta. Testers/early adopters, be granted free licenses.

To start follow the example of setting up cluster: A step by step example of v4.0 distributed/elastic database (all "localhost" can be changed to actual machine name when installing nodes on multiple machines). Also, drop us the mail to: support at scimore dot com.

Scimore Team