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    Unanswered: help quit query

    I am very new in access. I am doing a database on blood laboratory exams.

    I have 2 tables
    table list, has fields ID,dis_date,name,lastname
    table INR has fields ID,date, INR, hb

    so each person from table LIst, will have several records in table INR.
    I want to perform a query that will show INR value of all my patients on discharge day(dis_date):

    ID, name,lastname, and a new field "INR on discharge".

    "INR on discharge" is INR!INR value when INR!date is same as List!dis_date

    how do I do this..??
    guys sorry for bother you..but I cant find a way to do this.

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    should be easy enough in the query designer
    create a new query
    plonk the two tables onto the designer surface
    assuming you have the relationship defined between the two tables thena lione should appear between both tables, if not define a realtionship

    drag the columns you require form both tables. under the discharge date column you should see criteria
    set that to = the date column from INR.

    its a bit tricky to explain using the query designer, as thats soemthing I rarely use these days.

    fundamentally what you are doing is writign a query in SQL that query would be something like
    SELECT my, column, list FROM mytable
    where dischargedate = inr.inrdate
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