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    Inventory Database With Pictures


    I've got an Inventory of 1,000 parts and I would like to have this list available online via a web page. I need to include Part Number, Manufacturer, Description, and Notes. I also plan to take up to 10 photos of each part to include with the description.

    The idea is to make this available to the Technicians in the field so that they have a control part to reference while on site trying to assess damages.

    Over course I can't make 1 long page of parts, so I'm going to have to build a database.

    I'm open to suggestions and direction. I'm assuming either an SQL DB or something using ASP, but I'm drawing a blank as to where to begin.

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    What kind of parts, how are they categorized, and how do your technicians think about them? Once you determine a taxonomy and what information you need to keep, you'll be most of the way to solving your problem.

    Explain what you are trying to do (what problems you are trying to solve for management, the technicians, etc), and we can probably help you!

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    I need a page that they can go to:
    Part # _________
    Manufacturer ________
    Description _______

    Then I just need it to list all matches and when they select a match it opens to a "Details" page with the full description and extra Notes. Pics would also be on this page.

    Under normal circumstances they would know either the part number or the manufacturer. The parts usually reside in a unit has the manufacturer on it somewhere. The part number is normally on the part if we installed it, but sometimes it comes off or is damaged. (Bar Coded sticky label)

    Since you asked about it, most techs think about them by Manufacturer and by part number. Being able to search description might be moot point since the descriptions on the in house Inventory List are not all coded the same way.

    I think we're pretty much talking about some kind of PHP based web site using MySQL. I'm fine when it comes to hacking up someone else's PHP site, but I'm kind lost when building one from scratch.

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    Have a look at this although this site is ASP with an Access 2003 Database admittedly with only one image:

    Trevor Sutton


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