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    Unanswered: AseConnection issues

    Hi There,

    I use AseConnection class in the namespace Sybase.Data.AseClient to connect to a sybase database. The db is part of a server that has about 8 databases. Whenever one of the databases in the server is being loaded, I am not able to connect to any of the other databases in the server.
    Is there way to get around this?


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    Can you connect via isql?
    My guess is your I/O system can't keep up
    You probably read a lot of data after connect and it takes more time due to the concurrent load?

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    Yeah the connection via isql is fine. I have a feeling this is an actual issue with the driver itself. It seems to try to access all the databases in the server. The error message I get on the app is the same one I get if I were to try to the access the db being loaded via isql.

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