Let me first start off by saying that I know this is a DB2 forum. My issue has to do with DB2 and SSIS. Specifically....... I can't seem to write to a DB2 table from within SSIS, even thought I can connect to it and manually insert records via SQL.

Details: Within SSIS, I can connect to the DB2 table which I want to populate. I can see all the tables which I have to work with, and can select the specific table needed.

However, the package fails when it runs that step.

Almost like it is a DB2 security issue. The odd thing, I can insert records directly into the DB2 table using a SQL statement externall to SSIS.

The same credentials are being used for this SQL statement and the connection manager in SSIS.....

Do you think the issue is with the package or with security on DB2.