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    Recommend a cheap data modeling tool?

    Looking for a tool which can replace ERWin.
    I've used ER Studio in the past, but this tool is also very expensive. More than 3K USD.

    I've played with DBDesigner Fork and Oracle Data modeler, but find they don't have some useful feature such as.

    Subject area division of model.
    Easy flip between logical and physical model.
    Adding tables related to a selected table to the view.
    Ease of table adjustment on the screen.
    Speed, surprised at how slow they are...

    Any ideas would be much appreciated.

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    Maybe this link can help?

    Data Modelling Tools

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    visit http://www.toad-data-modeler

    Toad Data Modeler is available in commercial and freeware versions.


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    I recommend Dezign

    Dezign has pretty much everything you are looking for and it's very affordable, starting with a Standard Edition at $129.
    You can download a 30-day FREE trial -
    Download DeZign for Databases Free Trial Version


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    Users may care to take note that pai1009 is almost certainly promoting their or their employers product. That doesn't infer anything good, bad or indifferent about that product just that its possibly a stealth advert
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    I'd recommend checking out this comparison of Data Modeling tools as a representative sample of popular tools. I have had good luck with ModelRight and it strongly resembles ER-Win before it was purchased by Logic Works (for a good reason), but not everyone needs that kind of fire power.

    If you are looking to document a model instead of diagram or edit that model, I would strongly recommend using SQL-Spec. I can't say enough good things about this tool. Fair disclosure: the author of SQL-Spec is an old friend of mine, but I have no business relationship other than being a very happy customer.

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    I suggest [Disclaimer - I made it]

    It's the quickest, slickest way to design a database: just type! And it's free

    Click this thumbnail for a gif of it in action (I don't know why DBForums makes the thumbnail so small)
    Click image for larger version. 

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    It's not a full modelling tool: it doesn't yet generate DDL but I'm working on that. It is however an incredibly quick and easy way to design your model.

    (I'd also really appreciate any feedback or feature requests. Thanks)
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