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    Unanswered: Connection problem using PDO php class (pdo_ibm driver)


    First of all, excuse me for my bad english...

    i'm trying to connect my php webserver to an ids v.11.5 informix server.

    I already configured DRDA connection and db2 runtime client because i'd to use pdo_ibm adapter.

    From onmonitor i have these databases
    When Log
    Database Name Owner In Dbspace Created Status

    sysmaster informix rootdbs 01/14/2011 U
    sysutils informix rootdbs 01/14/2011 U
    sysuser informix rootdbs 01/14/2011 U
    sysadmin informix rootdbs 01/14/2011 U
    test01 informix test01 01/14/2011 N
    test02 informix test02 01/14/2011 U

    If i try to connect to database test01 with following php instruction:
    $sb = new PDO("ibm:hostname=;database=test01;po rt=1527", "informix", "********");
    $db = new PDO("ibmRIVER={IBM DB2 ODBC DRIVER};DATABASE=test01;HOSTNAME=;POR T=1527;PROTOCOL=TCPIP;", "informix", "*******");

    i receive:
    SQLSTATE=HY011, SQLSetConnectAttr: -99999 [IBM][CLI Driver] CLI0126E Operation invalid at this time. SQLSTATE=HY011

    the same instruction works correctly with the other database

    $db = new PDO("ibm:hostname=;database=test02;po rt=1527", "informix", "********");
    $db = new PDO("ibmRIVER={IBM DB2 ODBC DRIVER};DATABASE=test02;HOSTNAME=;POR T=1527;PROTOCOL=TCPIP;", "informix", "*******");

    If i enable transaction (ontape -s -L 0) on test01 database i can connect correctly.

    Why can't i connect to an informix database configured without transaction?

    i don't understand if it's a problem of informix configuration or db2 client configuration or what else...

    Thank you,
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