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    Unanswered: Multiselect listbox display selection in a table

    Hello All,

    I have surrendered!
    This problem I have reserached it and it seems like forever, nothing in form of a solution is materialising. Basically I understand that this goes against relational database production but I would like to select values from a listbox which are filled with activities that have been taken part in and then these values would be displayed if more than two were selected in one field of the table seperated by a comma.

    I have viewed endless examples and tried northwind to simulate it but no reward for the time spent on this tricky dilemma.

    Currently the database is working but can only select one activity which causes false representation. The current form layout has been attached along with an image of the result I would like to achieve.

    Any help would be much appreciated.
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    Just off the cuff, but this seems like a Concatenation.
    If I understand, you should be storing the selections in a daughter table (i.e. in a relational system).
    You are then wanting to take a field in a daughter table, that has been poplulated by selections from a list box, and then want to display that data (perhaps in a report or on a form) as a single field where all the appropriate values from the daughter table are concatenated, with comma separations, as a single string.

    I've used such a function published by Duane Hookom in 2003. You might be able to do a search and find it.

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    You can find this function at ROgers Access Library
    Generic Function To Concatenate Child Records - Roger's Access Library

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