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    need help with erd and dfd

    Ok so I am creating something in Visual Basic that will allow for my boss to input information about a customer and the project that the customer wants completed. The data will then be distributed into a database.

    So you know what you are looking at in the pictures, the company I work for does parking lot maintenance. We do asphalt repair, crack filling, seal coating, and line striping. The pictures below show the ERD and DFD that i created.

    The only reason I am creating a dfd and erd is for a school assignment... I am really implementing this software though into the company.

    Is the ERD constructed properly? Are the relationships and primary/foreign keys correct? Is it in 3NF?

    And for the DFD I would like to know if the processes and the data flow terms are correct.

    Thank you in advance, I really appreciate any of the suggestions and help.
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