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    Unanswered: Databases in replication


    In warm-stand-by setup, how to check whether the secondary database is in sync with the primary database or not? Is there any direct command to check this? And also, how to do this check in table level replication whether both the tables are in sink or not?

    Thank you.

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    As per my understanding there is no direct command to do this but you can check by inserting a record in the table and check it at destination table.

    Also for warm-stand-by setup you can create a table and check that table is created on the destination database or not.

    Also if there is any issue that table or data is not getting replicate then you can use below commands to check at primary level.

    admin who_is_down

    admin who_is_up

    Also check that Primary or secondary thread is down or not. Also check the disk device i.e. device at OS level is full or not.

    Please first check in the error log why the data is not getting replicate.

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    If the tables are not too large you may also use the rs_subcmp utility which has a check option which reports the rows which are mismatching between primary and replicate.

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