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    Unanswered: Moving the Cluster Quorum to a new drive

    We have a SQL 2005 active-passive clustered environment running under Windows 2003 R2. We recently purchased a new and faster SAN and I was able to move all the files and cluster resources fine but when it came to moving the Quorum resource we ran into issues.

    I tried to remove the old quorum drive from the cluster resources but it was tied as a dependency to the MSDTC cluster resource. When I tried to remove the old quorum drive from that resource and add in the new quorum drive as a dependency, the MSDTC resource failed. It caused the Cluster group resources which include the cluster name and cluster IP resources to fail continually between node A and node B until it gave up and just marked the MSDTC resource as Failed. I changed it back to use Q: drive and brought the MSDTC resource back online.

    any ideas in how I can change the MSDTC resource to use the new quorum drive in the new SAN?


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    This article is for Windows 2000, but it looks like you may be able to do a similar thing for Windows 2003. This will very likely require reboots of each node, so that both cluster services recognize the new quorum drive.

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    You probably had MSDTC set up to affect the entire group? That's usually the case when the cluster group fail. Let alone the fact that MSDTC should sit in its own group, and you should assign a couple of gig slowest disk resource for it to depend on, instead of quorum.
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